3 Jun 2010

Fancy Envelope

Hello Folks! I want to thank everyone who Left me a comment yesterday on my very first post for the "What's On You Workdesk Wednesday Blog" I was so chuffed to receive a warm welcome by so many uniquely talented and wonderfully gifted crafters! I look forward to my creative journey & having a good old nosey at whats on your desk's too! And from what I have already seen you all have lots of great ideas going on & lots of fab stash would love to own! So I will just have to shop more from now on!!!
And now for a mystery? I posted a card on this blog the other day using a Dawn Bibby card set purchased from QVC, my post is still their, but the picture of the card has gone? I know I posted it but its no longer visable, dose anyone know what could have happened? I would love to know where its gone? Or what I have done, did I press something i shouldent have? OOoo help!
Anyhow, finally on to today post, Anna Griffin, I love her stamps, got loads! Here is a fancy envelope I made a while back for a little invite for a party I had! I made the outside of the envelope with parchment paper stamped in Duck egg blue & gold with Anna Griffin ink. And did the inside with a rose design. I put the little embossed gold invite inside and tied it up with a nice bit of ribbon, I liked the end result & will do another one I think! Well time for bed, got to rise early tomorrow. Warm regards everyone!
Lavinia x


Wipso said...

I have been having a look at your blog and you have some really lovely work on here. I will be back
A x

Sid said...

Fav stuff altogether !!

mustavcoffee said...

Lovely envelope, Lavinia;-)

Afraid can't be much help with the disappearing pic, that hasn't happened to me yet but my identity pic isn't on some sites when my ISP is busy and comes back at quieter times, so maybe your pic will reappear at another time. I'm not much good with this cyber thingy sort of world!!

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