30 May 2012


Here is my updated post to WOYWW 3rd Anniversary ATC Swap. On my original post (scroll down) I forgot to add the picture of the ATC's I made! Doh....:) so here they are! Happy What's On Your Workdesk 3rd Anniversary Blog Hop Everyone! I have 3 extra made so if you want to swap then let me know ok!


Well cant believe its What's on your workdesk Wednesday's 3rd Birthday! I seem to remember joining in sometime after the 1st Birthday. Been joining in on & off ever since. Its really great to meet others joining in this global desk hop on a weekly basis & big thanks goes out to Julia for creating this amazing place where we all meet to show off our desks each week & encourage & spur on each others creative doings! Please pop over to Julias blog & find out more about what I am on about....& join in! Come on show us yours!!

Well as you can see this week, its NOT my normal kind of desk?? I have had to get a sewing head on in order to sew the Voil-iy type fabric for the Lounge window. Had a bit of a disaster as my machine has stopped working in a kind of way, it will only do a basic straight stitch & only one length too, it does not want to do the other 99 its supposed to do! Anyhow at least I got the curtain done.

All finished and at the window! You can just see I have Create & Craft Channel on the TV, typical ;) I am joining in on the ATC Birthday Swap & really looking forward to whoever's ATC I receive! I have mad a few extra so if you want to swap let me know ok! I will be posting mine out on Friday to the recipient! Have a great Blog hop everyone & Happy Birthday to all the WOYWW'ers out in WOYWW land!!!!


15 May 2012

Choo Choo.....all a bored the lunch Train!

On Sunday my Sisters & I took my Mum on the East Lancashire Railway for a Lancastrian Lunch! I have never been on a steam train before, so I was more than excited. It looked amazing up close.

There train consists of two dining carriages and five passenger carriages. I think the train was one of the last one built by the Brighton Works in 1956. There was a table of 4 on one side and tables that seat 2 on the other.

We had a really good 3 course lunch followed by coffee & petite fours! The railway do a really good selection of events throughout the year at very reasonable prices. I think next time I will book for the Afternoon Cream Tea Train! Mmmm yum!


14 May 2012

tic toc… the french clock is ticking…

You still have time to partake in Vicky Archers
Wonderful Blog Givaway!

A fantastic feast of French style!

Wonderful Writings

Go make Coffee & hop over to loose yourself in this wonderful blog!

Enjoy your day everyone!


10 May 2012

French Essence… the how’s, the why’s and a giveaway …

This is a fantastically French Blog! Beautiful Interiors along with Elegantly Stylish Design to perfect Perfumes & Decadent treats! A French life lived well indeed!

Go and peruse her wonderful new site & find all kinds of French delights! An avid read for any established or budding Francophile!


9 May 2012

Whats On Your Work Wednesday 153.......Another Trying to get in the mood desk!

Its here again! Yes the day of the week that seem's to arrive quicker than any other! My desk this week is another "Trying to get in the mood desk" Tonight after dinner I decided to get my crafty hat on & bring coordinating stash out of drawers & off shelves lay it on my desk & make myself get inspired. It worked a few weeks back & it got me using things I bough an age ago & have just been unused. The theme I have set myself is "Female family Cards" The first crisp white card is placed on the craft mat ready to be transformed!

This idea of setting stash out seem's to work well for me of late, as I am struggling to get ideas & my mojo is not co-operating! This week has come round before I know it. Not got much done in the way of crafting but I have got bits & bobs done here & there in the sorting of stash & stamps in my crafty corner. As you can see from the pic below I have sorted all my cling stamps in to groups on laminated A5 sheets & stored them in one of those "Really Useful Boxes". I have made labels for each one (all 89 sheets of them, it played havoc with my RA & carpel tunnel) I realized I was not using them as much as I should so now I can find the needed stamp easier, I will use them more!

I want to thank everyone who left me wonderful comments last post! So kind of you all, if I didn't manage to get to pop by you Blog be sure I will this week. Like everyone I have to get to grips with the "New" blogger dashboard & layout. I did not realize I had comments last week after it changed & I couldn't work out what to do! I am in the "Know" now and have figured it out. I am a bit rubbish with change :( to me it wasn't broke & I was happy with how it worked but alas some new fangled method was introduced to confuse me, as well as keep me on my toes! Hope all well with you & your enjoying you week take care everyone!


2 May 2012

Whats On Your Work Wednesday 152..... Girl'y Pink!

Hello WOYWW'ers! Nearly that time and we will all be celebrating the 3rd Birthday of this amazing world desk blog hop of Julias! Its fun to see what folks all over the globe are up to, you should really join in and show off your desk with us all, go over to Julias Blog at
http://www.stamping-ground.blogspot.co.uk/ and see what its all about, you know you want to!

So her is my offering this week. This is my desk late Tuesday evening. Making some cards with another set of free papers found in the bottom of a drawer when I had a clear out. They were in Making Cards Mag designed by Nikky Hall for Polkadoodles. I added bits & bobs & used some of my new Anna Griffin Banners & Bunting stamps with them (my new fave stamp set, so versatile) heres what I came up with......

Sorry about the bad light, I was just relying on my Ott Daylight lite & the camera flash as I took them all in the evening.....

The great British weather has been living up to its usual rainy Gray reputation again this week! Not been to bad here but had lots of very strong winds. I have not ventured out much unless needed too. Thanks to everyone who stops and visits and the comments you leave are always so welcome :) cheers me no end! Looking forward to visiting you all too! Have a great week everyone & please take care in the weather!


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