29 Feb 2012

Whats On Your Work Wednesday 143...

This week I did some tidying & re organizing of my crafty space and in the interim I found (although to be honest with you I didn't know I had lost them) loads of papers I have received free with various craft magazines. So I sifted through them & decided to have a mess with these Bird Cage & Chandeliers papers from Making Cards designed by Nancy Watt. I have used various stamp sets I had that are along the same theme.

I invested in the new Indigo Blu Flitter Glu to use with gilding flakes, so far I have only had a play with it on scrap card to see how you do it kind of thing. But the results are amazing! Its going to get used quite a bit! I must buy more gilding flakes now (any excuse to go shopping :)

Sorry its only a short post but time is at a premium for me at the minuet so going to carry on & have a play with all the stuff on the pic's and get some desk visiting done too. If you would like to join in with this fab blog desk hop on over to Julia our leaders blog at http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com come & join in the big weekly snoop that is WOYWW....keep well & warm everyone!

15 Feb 2012

Whats On Your Work Wednesday 141.....

Hello Work Desk Wednesday'ers! Well its been very cold up in the North West in more ways than one might I add! I have had a rotten bout of flu for over a week and I am still not out of the woods yet! So as you can see the non crafty item on my desk is the addition of a box of tissues (I should have moved them for the pic really, but forgot to) Took this this morning as the sun was shining in!

On the desk this week are mainly free goodies that came with my copy of Simpley Cards & Crafts Magazine. This month the extras consisted of a selection of A4 Hot Off The Press papers & sentiments along with a nice little set of stamps! So I decided to see what I could come up with. Other bits and bobs hanging about are the usual crafty suspects, tapes & ink pads & pro-markers & guillotine. Also I was perusing (in-between doing) the new Hunkydory magazine. As well as the Ikea catalogue. I really want to replace my work-desk in here with a worktop along the back wall. It will mean a bit of work & quite a lot of shifting about & reorganizing my space but I think its time it was done. As much as I love my old desk, its too low to work on for me now! I have to stand up a lot as my back aches like mad if I sit in one spot for too long! I have decided what I need and hopefully it will get done soon!

And I had to include this picture of Mr Binxz! This is his little attention seeking habit that he performs to..... 1) Get some attention, he thinks I spent too much time on it shopping for crafty goodies & looking at other peoples crafty spaces! And...... 2) I am cold! So please go & lite the wood-burner! He's not happy if he's not roasting himself in front of it! He keeps me on my toes I tell ya! have a great week everyone!


1 Feb 2012

What's On Your Work Wednesday 139......this & that!

Hello WOYWW'ers! My desk is finally devoid of ribbons! Thanks so much for everyone's helpful ideas for storage last week, really appreciate the help! I have sorted out the majority & stored them on the back of the crafty room door. I have a box full of lace & vintage ribbons that I am going to wrap around card when I have a bit of time. Today my desk consists of;

2 blanc picture frames to decorate I picked up at the Range yesterday
The latest copy of Craft Stamper magazine, that I have fell out with a little :(
A blousey flower I made form Crape Paper, but intend to try tissue paper instead
A card I made with Hunkydory elements I am about to write for someone's birthday
Fountain pen to write said card!
And another paint tester pot!
( cant make my mind up about colours for new d├ęcor in lounge! )

I decided to give making Crape Paper Flowers a go after seeing some amazing ones in a window display in Paris a while back. At the time I couldn't believe they were real, the looked like what I call "Old Roses" the David Austin type. I love his Rose's & have some variety's in my garden. As you can see I have a way to go yet with my paper ones ;) The card is a version of an easel card, I like the vintage look of it. The Box Envolope was made using the Enveloplus Creator Board. I always like to write my cards with a fountain pen, at the moment the ink inside is Parma Violet Purple scented ink, very exotic eh!

I am waiting on a parcel arriving today. I have decide to invest in a pop up light studio for taking pictures of my cards. Its so hard sometimes to take pic's in the light & to get embellishments to show up on them. I know a lot of folk out there use them & the pics always look so much better so thought I would give it a go. Hope your keeping well & warm wherever you are, I am going through wood for fun in my wood-burner, its been freezing in the evenings here! Thank you to everyone who visited my desk & left comments last week, it really cheered me up, thank you! Have a great week everyone!

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