8 May 2013

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday 205........a bit of action!

Well hello everyone, its been far too long since I did any kind of blogging let alone joining in Julia's WOYWW blog hop! As you can see my desk is busy tonight, just finished the easel card on the left of the pic and just about to start another. If you want to join in WOYWW pop over to Julia's blog to find out what its all about ;-

Been having a play with my fab new Martha Stewart Doily cutter! Its brilliant, and as you can see cuts perfect doily's. I used 220gsm card stock for this one here and it was pretty easy to punch through. Its really easy to use too. Cuts a doily from 6 inches up to 12 inches.

Got quite in to CD crafting over the past couple of weeks & ended up buying a rake of them on E-Bay, although I did treat myself to 3 from Kraftyhands web shop. I used the Chic Boutique CD to make the three cards on the above pic. Love the colours & the die cut images are easy to cut out. Never really dabbled in CD crafting before as I was very unsure about printer settings & types of paper to use. However now I have a decent printer & sussed out the paper to use, its been great to try various CD's that are out there.

Well the past few months have been a real turmoil for me. I have two of my close family fighting Cancer and 5 weeks ago lost my very dear Big Brother, very sad, he was too young at 60 to leave this world, he was the eldest of six and I am the youngest. We were very alike in our ways & outlook on life and he was always the one I turned to in a time of need or crisis. I shall miss him more than I can say, I feel at a loss. I Craft to take time out, and I can say hand on heart I am so very glad I do! Its really kept me sane & busy in these tough times, it really is great therapy!

 Happy to share with you all this post! Take care everyone & Thanks for stopping by!
Have a crafty week

22 Mar 2013

Recent & Favourite cards!


Hope all of you are keeping well! Very very cold here today Snow & biting winds, stay in and Craft Away the day!

23 Jan 2013

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday 190...... Doily's!

 Hello everyone & thanks for popping by to too have a peek at what I have been up to this week on the desk! This blog hop is the brainchild of Julia Dunnit & you can find out more about what's going on here over at her blog at http://stamping-ground.blogspot.co.uk/ Maybe you could join in and let us peek at yours too!
 This week I have gone a bit mad for doily stamps, love them & had a right good time with them too.
 I have embossed with them as well as stamping and even used gilding flakes. Used Distress
Markers & glitter some as well as trying Sakura Stardust pens, been a while since I used those!
 As you can see the gilding flake worked out really quite good, at the middle & edges I 
either did not put enough glue or did not press down evenly enough on the stamp.
 I used Indigo Blu's Flitter Glu and Sweet Poppy's Sunset Red Gilding Flakes.
 I will try more with the flakes love the effect!

 This finished card I used Cosmic Shimmers  True White Embossing powder Distress pens & punched out hearts. Looks a bit folk'y to me?  Anyway hope to show the matching dies with these stamps next week sometime. We still have snow here although its not as cold!  Perfect weather to stay in & keep warm drink Tea, Eat Cake & Craft! :-) Have a crafty week everyone!


16 Jan 2013

What's On Your Workdesk 189?......My first of 2013!

Hello everyone & welcome to my WOYWW of 2013!
As you can see my desk is quite tidy.
I have a pile of stuff to the left to sort, my cutting mat every ready to work on & my latest book I am reading. I have re-arranged my big storage shelf to the left a bit to start using some of the flowers & vintage ribbons I have, thus trying to encourage me to use them a bit more in my cards.

The other end of the desk has cards I need to finish & sort in to cello bags & boxes. Mr Binxz is sunning himself in the window, lovely bright but very chilly day to day. I put some bunting up above the window I made for a vintage tea party I had last September.

These are a few cards I have made in the past few days, I like the Leanne Ellis stamps, I wouldn't say I was a character type crafter as I am not that good with the pro markers, so I tend to do basic stuff with them. 

So that's me this week! I have had umpteen problems with my broadband, Sky, Blogger & bla bla bla for ages now so that's one of the reasons I haven't joined in or blogged for ages, plus I got Married in the US last November and was very busy up until then. Hope to catch up with you & your desks sometime this week! Take care everyone & mind how you go in the snowy & cold weather we are all having!

31 Oct 2012

See you all soon.....

 Hello everyone! Sorry its been quite a while since I did any blogging ;( I have been pretty busy with work & family stuff for a while now & its not that I haven't done any crafting its just that time has been an issue. 
I have done a lot of card making as well as planning my ......Wedding! as you can see from the above  
picture I will be off there in a few days to become a Mrs.....;) excited but a bit nervous too!

This is the place we have decided upon to have our ceremony, its one of the more traditional chapels in Vegas and good for what kind of wedding we wanted. This is what we are calling the fun & legal part of getting married. We are also having another ceremony in North Wales next May.

I will tell you all about it when I get back & start my blogging again & desk hopping too! 
Really missed sharing my cards with you, although I have been looking at your desks & blogs too!

Take care everyone & keep well & warm in this cold snap we are having & I really hope all my American Blogging Buddies & friends on the East Coast are OK, sending all my prayers to you.
 C u all soon.


21 Aug 2012

Whats On Your Work Wednesday 168.....A Big Crafty Shop!!

Hi! everyone! Tonight I have had a play with some new stamps I bought at the weekend on my Big Crafty Shop at The Great British Craft Festival at Donington. Here I have used Graphic 45 Papers & stamps along with Gilding Glue from Indigo Blue and some Sunset Red flakes from Sweet Poppy Crafts. I have showed a close up of the Stamp Gilded below as I thought it looked really good, I love the colours & its very shiny! but it didn't show up very well on the pic.

As you can see I did quite well on the shopping front. I have been saving for quite a while to go on this crafty trip. Me and my Crafty Buddy, Crafty Deb's went both days to the event & stayed over in the Hilton Hotel for the Saturday night. It was really nice & the breakfast was wonderful Sunday morning, ages since I have has a full English.

I bought all sorts! Including Stamps By Chloe, Sweet Poppy Stencils, Cherry Lynn Die's, Graphic 45 paper & stamps, Stampendous Stamps & Frantage powders & shaved ice, Ribbons, Sticky Gems, glitters, tapes glues.....ect...ect....All in all the weekend was fab. We though it would be fun to get as many pic's of us with Presenters from Create & Craft, we ended up having our pic took with about 7 of them. We chatted with the great Melanie Heaton & Dawn Bibby & Sue Smith & Sheena Douglass & a few others (I have name dropped enough..lol.) already looking forward to the next Crafty Show....Harrogate perhaps?

Finally I am still using my Hunkydory Xmas kits to make cards, I really enjoy making Christmas cards, so may images to choose from & I love being able to go mad with the glitter. Time to post this & hop over to Julia's Blog to join in the hop.......have a crafty week everyone & thanks for stopping by!


7 Aug 2012

WOYWW 166....Erm...sorry but its.....Festive!!!

Hello WOYWW'ers! Its been a few weeks since I joined in Julia's Mahooosive world wide Blog-a-thon! If you have arrived at this page thinking "What's this woman on about???" then Hop over here and check her Blog out for the in's N out's of what I am on about & you too could join in on the weekly hop-a-roony! Go on show us your's!

I have finally succumbed to the festive card making! I have been playing around & putting together some of the Hunkydory Christmas Kits I bought from Create & Craft. There so easy to use & great fun too and this way I get to make loads of cards for everyone to have a made one! If I gave everyone I know one of my "Special" made cards every year I would take all year to get them done, it can take me that long to do just one sometimes!

As you can see I have been on a roll past few days. I have really enjoyed skiving off & just sitting here making cards all day, reminder to self..."Clean House"....:-)

So far I have done about 30 all together and used the some of the Vintage & Traditional Kits, I have still to use any of the Elegant or Cute Kit's. From the four kits I bought they say you can make at least 80 cards, however, they are so generous with all the die cuts & papers & card stock I think I will get about 150 at least!.....another reminder to self....."Go do a food shop".......;-)

Right that's it for this post I must get some sleep, been up till all hours in here! Its this new desk & room layout, I am having so much fun in here! I never want to leave this happy crafty place, I must get back to the real world though tomorrow, boo.......but then I will have to visit you at your desks.... yeah....another excuse to sit here! Whooo---hooo.....I am going a bit bonkers so I better wrap this up! Take care everyone & have a crafty week!


18 Jul 2012

WOYWW 163......Bunting! & Celebration Cards!...oh and Tea!

The new desk is great I am getting loads more done & can have a few diffident projects on the go with more space! Been making loads of bunting by using up my scraps on some pre cut pennants that came free with a Hunkydory kit a while back.

This storage desk carousel was a bargain from the Craft Superstore. They was £45 but now down to £26 in the sale, just had to do some shuffling on the desk before could live with it ;)

Here I was trying out the new Pearl Elegance Kit from Hunkydory. There are a few weddings this year I have been invited to and this kit just fits the bill to make some beautiful cards & keepsakes.

After all that I will now drink my tea & eat my Date & Walnut Cake I made yesterday, really getting back into backing again of late, loving my Scones!!! Hope you are all having a good snoopathon to day as brought to us by Julia our leader :) razz over to her blog & get the lo down on what we are all going on about, its one of the biggest crafty blog hops on the net!!!! Go on I dare you to join in...

Dont be shy come & join in and show us your Workdesk on a Wednesday, its that easy!

Hope you all have a great snoop & are keeping well & warm, last thing I need, new medication I have to take are making me feel like and extra in Dante's Inferno! I cant stand being warm either! Have a great creative week!


26 Jun 2012

Whats On Your Work Wednesday 160......New Desk!!!

Well, its done! Here's my new crafty space, bigger desk better to work on & defiantly brighter! It was 4 days of very hard work. I really didn't think there was as much "stuff" squirreld away in this small corner? However, It filled my bedroom & the hallway upstairs as well as the place behind the sofa in the front room?...Mad! I did have a bit of a chuck out too & filled a bin bag with things that were just not worth hanging on to, old bags, folded up card-bored boxes, you always think they will come in for something! But alas they dont..

I used 3 Expedia Cubes from Ikea, one on each end to support the work-surface & one in the middle. So there is 12 cubbys now for storage, loads more room! It was well worth sorting it out & I am really chuffed with the end result. Mr Lavinia has done a sterling job, as well as making 2 trips to Ikea to exchange something that I wanted to incorporate, but just didn't fit!

I want to thank everyone last last week for the visit. And hope I got back to all of you & to the ones I didn't, I will this week!!! :) No card to show this week as tonight is my first making evening making anything!
Hope you have all had a crafty week & making the best of the rubbish weather! Its my Birthday on Thursday so I hope its NOT raining, but hey even if it is I have my lovely new desk to craft the day away on! :)
Hope you all have a crafty week!

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