12 Jun 2010

Musical Note

This is the card I made for Mr Lavinia for his birthday this week! he is a Musician by night (and a Gardener by day) he appreciated my effort! However being as we have been celebrating birthdays together for 16 years, my card ideas, for him are wearing thin! My whole card making adventure started out about 5 years ago by making him a Valentine's card instead of buying one. I remember looking around card shops for a card for weeks leading up to it, but not being able to find anything I liked & ended up in the art shop in town buying a pack of ready made valentine's toppers & some sheets of musical script printed vellum. I came home rooted out some card (as I did Bookbinding & box making at the time as a hobby) and got together my first card & the rest is history as they say! I can't recall buying a card for anyone in the past 5 years to be honest with you, everyone gets one of my made cards. I normally make the envelope's too, or maybe a box if there's a lot of embellishments on them.
I would like to say a special "Thanks" to the bloggers who joined in my award spot!
...lol...it's a bit of crafting fun eh!
Well off to make the most of the weekend in my garden hopefully! Still some bedding plants to go out & a few more planters to do, hope the weathers ok! Enjoy your weekend all!


Janet Makinson said...

Love this card, love the colours. Thanks for putting me on your list of blogs i love !!! Going to do the same.

Carole said...

love this card, & really love the guitar charm !

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