26 Dec 2010

Merry Christmas

Sending everyone whos called in to see me here in blog land & everyone whos visited my desk on WOYWW and all of you who have left me lovely encouraging commentsto keep posting my makes, I would like to thank you from the botton of my heart & wish each and every one of you, whatever your path & whatever you belive in, A Very Merry Christmas!
I have spent the day with my Beloved Mr Lavinia and my Mum and cooked us dinner! Mr Lavinia surprized me with all my wonderful gifts, then when I had opend them all casually said "Oh I have forgot one in the cupbord?" to which my reply was "Blimey its a bit of a big un to miss?" and it was heavy too....could it be?.....no it cant be? Pulled off the paper!!!!!!! IT IS!!! a new shiney Sony Vaio Laptop! Oooo love it, but oooo scary have to get used to windows 7 ! Hope you all got what you needed and wanted & like me wished for, thanks my Love your a Star! See you all soon Merry Christmas.


mustavcoffee said...

Sending lots of good wishes for a very Happy Holiday season to you Lavinia. It sounds like you had the best pressies, wonderful fun, big hugs:0) xx

Ciara said...

Cool, a new laptop! Nice Mr Lavinia!

I got a Big Shot Express from Mr Ciara - oh but you've seen that already haven't you?! Der (blonde moment).

I've enjoyed catching up with you in blogland over the past few months, here's to plenty more WOYWWs!!


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