3 Jan 2011

Not Made Its Of 2010!

Sometime I get asked to make cards to order with a certain colour or theam in mind! These are some of these. A bit reluctant to show some of them as the ideas are not always mine but what I have been asked to do! However I though about it and why not show some of them after all I did make them! Ok off to start my Diet! Oh bit there are a box of After Eights left??? Mmm maybe tomorrow instead!


Ciara said...

If you've been asked to make a card with a particular theme or colours, I think it can be trickier sometimes as you have boundaries to work with. Think of yourself as an artist being commissioned! You've made them all yourself so don't be silly! There, I said it!

I think of the briefs (doesn't that make it sound impressive?!) as challenges. You may have seen a card I posted a few months back which had the brief of "a ruby wedding anniversary card featuring golf & dogs" Three letters came to mind when I heard that one (1st was W, 2nd was T...)

As usual your cards as rather splendid and you should always show them off - if nothing else for the fact that we like to see them!

Oops, bit of a long one there!!


mustavcoffee said...

Hi there Lavinia,
Happy New Year to you:0)
I love your cards, it's always difficult when you have to compromise to fulfill somebody elses criteria but these turned out well. I particularly like the Mother's Day one, very pretty:0) xx

Carole said...

these are all gorgeous :) happy new year xxx

Cheryl said...

gorgoues set of cards each one so different yet so effective great design on them all enjoy your after eights,love cheryl xxx

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