23 May 2010

Big Flower

Today's post is this Big flower card! I made the layers using my Slice from the vintage findings MS+ Design card. Then run them through my cuttlebug swirls folder & then inked them & gave each layer 3 coats of UTTE. Finally finished of by edging the layers with platinum stickles. I like the white embossing on the card too, the paper is from Kay & Co. Then finished off using a few peel offs on the middle prima paper flower & corners & a big jewelled brand to hold it all together.
Just received my new slice this week as my original one went a bit mad when I tried to update it with a new MS+ design card. For some reason it would not calibrate anymore so everything I cut came out wonky all the time. Anyway now I have a new pink slice in its place complete with already installed speed boost & upgrade. Hope to show some stuff made this week with all being well, although I do have new letterpress creations to show too! Anyway check back soon & hope your out in the garden at some point today, I am sat out doing this as its a roaster today, must be at least 80! Enjoy!

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