11 Apr 2012

WOYWW 149.....Trying to .....get in the mood!

Hello again! Crafty-ness has NOT been very forthcoming the past few weeks, had a few trying times of late! My Mojo was AWOL...so in a bid to inspire & get me in the mood I picked out some paper by Kay & Co I have had forever & stamps I have been meaning to use & various other rub-on's & Ink's & Twine & papers and hope that something would be created???

And lo finally it was! Not 100% happy yet though, but I am getting there I think. Picture's 2 & 3 was after to-ing & fro-ing from the desk most of Tuesday afternoon. Shuffling paper at first then poking a few stamps & finally sitting down after dinner in the evening to try get to work. I will NOT tidy this desk now until I have made at least another 5 cards to go with this one! I like my sets of six!
Finally here is a Photo I took of an amazing piece of Trompe L'oeil Art work I spotted in Carcassonne in France. The detail was stunning, shame it was a bit dull really as the colours were very vivid. Would love to see more of this over in the UK. It would really brighten up some urban landscapes!

I hope we have some good weather soon? Not liking theses April showers we are having & Snow, What's that all about? Thanks so much again for all your lovely comments! I love reading them & feel really chuffed when I see what nice things you all say! thanks to my new followers too, its much appreciated! I feel honoured you think I am worth a visit! Well time to post this & snoop at your desk's. Enjoy the mighty weekly desk hop-a-thon by our leader Julia go visit her here & find out what it's all about!!

Also just a quick note to let you all know I have 24 New Distress Markers for Sale look at my previous post, there great to use but just not me!

Warm Regards


Annie said...

Glad to see your mojo is returning.
A x #68

Astrid Maclean said...

Well, I think that first card looks great already and I love the idea of making cards in sets of 6....
Hope your mojo comes back full swing, great idea to use some yummy papers and bits to inspire you.

We've had snow too, yuk.
That photo looks amazing by the way, yep, wished they did that here but I guess the Brits are just a bit too pedestrian....

Have a great week! #32

Neet said...

That building is amazing. Didn't realise at first that the people by the windows were not real.
Glad you got there in the end with your shuffling about on your desk (papers and things not you).
Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet #10 xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Well done on getting back to it - hope your tough times are in abeyance at the very least. Impressed that you've made the decision about the Distress markers...I did it with a whole set of Copics but mistakenly kept them thinking I'd get used to them...!
Love that trompe l'oeil, great find!

BJ said...

Hi Lavinia,
It's a pain when you loose your mojo, but it looks like you have found a way to get yourself going. I tend to tidy and "find" stuff which can do the trick. Know what you mean about the distress markers, I was tempted by watching Tim but I'm NOT a colouring-in type so managed to resist thanks goodness. Thanks for sharing BJ #42

May said...

Fabulous card, love it, We all visit your blog because your makes are just beautiful Lavinia and I dont just snoop on weds I pop over often to see what you are creating.... Sorry to hear you dont get along with the Sir Timmie's markers, Ive not used them as yet!! I have a few stampin up markers they can be put on stamps also, and I have a ton of the good old promarkers.. Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x No15


OOOOOOhhhh, love all of those things on your desk. My monitor is all soggy! also wish that I could buy your pens, but exchange rate and postage would perhaps break the bank! What a bargain though for someone in the UK.

Red Kitty said...

You desk looks fantastic, loving the K & Co stuff, they are such good quality.

Red Kitty No97. x

CraftygasheadZo said...

Fab-ness galore. Carcassonne is one of those places I'd love to visit! Looks like your mojo is back to me. Take care, enjoy WOYWW snooping! Love Zo xx 75

Miriam said...

Lovely work - thanks for sharing.


fairy thoughts said...

love the paris stamps goes well with the building. I can think of loads of building that could do with a paint job. There seems to be a bit of a WOYWW meet happening in Manchester sre you going Sorry I forgot whos organising If I remembe rI will get back to you
janet #19

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Lavinia,

Your card looks great! The idea of making five more before you pick up your desk sounds good to me! Sometimes I leave things out in the hopes that when I walk by something will pop out at me.


RosC said...

Love your cards, and think the first one looks like an excellent start. Roll on the half dozen!
I've seen some of those little sets of French stamps in tins over here, mainly in high quality shopping precincts.
Yours in mojo management,
Ros. #90.

SophieNewton said...

It's always good to just surround yourself with crafty bits if the mojo has gone...it usually comes back pretty soon.
Sophie x

BumbleVee said...

Sometimes we just need a rest or a break from everything.... love the artwork on the building....

Joynana said...

Very cute card and hope your MOJO gets back home soon. #25

Elizabeth said...

Great card, your mojo is clearly back. Love the photo of the trompe l'oeil. There's some fabulous examples in Rome and I also found some on a trip to the Republic of Ireland a few years ago - it cheers the dullest of buildings up immensely. Hope you have had a good weekend. Elizabeth x #26

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