6 Jul 2011

Whats On Your Work Wednesday 109......its been a while!!!

Well hello WOYWW'ers! I must say its been quite a few weeks if not months since I took part in the weekly super desk snoop. If anyone has stumbled on to my blog & is wondering what I am on about well! Its weekly blog hop were we all get to have a look around the web a various desks & crafty goings on. If you would like to join in or would like to know more about this weekly snoop-a-thon then get over to Julia's Blog http://stamping- ground.blogspot.com/

Last weekend Mr Lavinia & I decided to go "for a drive" and a have a Pub Lunch to celebrate my Birthday. The weather was Beautiful & we found a fantastic pub near Skipton. While eating lunch I realized that we must be near The Stampman craft shop. So I Googled it on my phone & found we were within a 10 minuet drive form the shop, so I informed Mr Lavinia "we should go as we are in the area"......well it would have been rude not to eh :-)

As we arrived I realized it was 3.45 & the shop closed at 4.00pm. So I asked was it ok to have a quick look around. As it happens the shop (that is on a small industrial estate ........look here for times & how to get there http://www.thestampman.co.uk/catalog/index.php ) was in the process of moving from one unit to another next door. The owners directed me to two great rooms full of crafty goodies!! At this point as all of us do I went in to craft haze & ooooo'd & aaaahhhh'd at all the wonderful stash on display! They have a really good choice of crafty stuff & do mail order too if you cant get there. So I purchased some items & went back next door to pay for them, as the till had not been moved yet. As I was paying for my goods I casually said to Mr Lavinia " Look at the amazing unit behind the till, go ask if you can have a look at it & see how its made? I could do with somthing like that that in my room at home" then the man at the till said "Do you like it......its for Sale" So craft haze descended again, " Really" was my reply! So we negotiated a price & next thing I remember we were loading it into the car & driving away! How chuffed am I & what an extra special unexpected birthday present!

So as you can see, my Ikea drawers have been moved & need to be emptied & all my stash needs to be put on the unit. I will need to have a change around & a re-organize of my space, but it fits a treat in to the room, love it & its really sturdy too, it will fit loads on!

Hope all you WOYWW'ers are well & I look forward to catching up with you & popping over to your desks this week! Take care all & pop back here to see my Unit filled with stuff soon :-)



Michellee said...

WOW!! You got some really cool storage spaces.. Would love to see your studio.. I just browsed around in your CREATive-ness.. You are REALLY Talented.. I love LOVE your blog.. Thanks for sharing..And coming by my little studio and sayin HI!!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday...a bit late, but all the wishes for merriment throughout the year are coming your way....

Love your new shelving unit....
wow, what treasures it will hold.

I've gone through your previous posts and your creations are beautiful.... I'm glad I found you!

Again...Happy Birthday!

Julia Dunnit said...

SERENDIPITY!!! Wonderful find, hope you have heaps of fun filling it and incorporating it into your rich life. Marevellow. Happy returns lavinia!

Wipso said...

What an amazing unit. Hope you have lots of fun filling all those shelves.
A x

Esther said...

Hi Lavinia - wow how lucky were you ! Fab Birthday treat...and happy belated birthday wishes to you. Esther xx

akilli melek said...

lol, that has to be the best ever birthday present. Just think of the fun you will have trying to fill all those shelves.
caroline ~55

Morti said...

Oh WOW Lavinia! You lucky thing - it's a beautiful unit and your stamps etc are going to look lovely on it! Happy Belated Birthday, and welcome back to WOYWW

Anonymous said...

Good grief, that unit is an incredible buy! Happy belated birthday too, sounds like you had a fantastic day out. Have fun rearranging all the stash, I like doing that sometimes!


okienurse said...

Awesome shelving unit. Love it. I can see all sorts of fun ways to store stuff on those shelves. Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #44

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Hi there Lavinia wow awesome new purchase right time and place and there you are! have fun! ..thanks for popping over and running late sorry! happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x

SueH said...

What a lovely purchase Lavinia, don’t you just love it when you find a treasure that you weren’t even looking for!

Thanks for stopping by this week and Happy Crafting!

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