2 Jul 2008


Well its been a few busy ol days round my house! I have been sorting out a few things for the weekend as my partner and I are off to Amsterdam , continuing my Birthday Treats! I have been before and I love the place the People the sights and the shopping! :-) I have found a couple of craft shops I want to visit, of course! Maybe I will do what I did last year when I visited Monaco, I did not go for tourist souvenirs, oh no not me! I found a craft shop in a little back street & bought Christmas stamps!! Anyhow hoping to see some craft goodies we don't get here. I know that most peel offs are made by Dutch company's so maybe I will track some of them down. We fly on Friday and return Monday. I will put some pic's on here if I take any good ones.

Meanwhile, I thought I would show you a little something I did the other day. The first on is a little Thank you card using on of the Laura Ashley Stamps I got in the set, its a thank you card for my Aunt. She made me a beautiful card for my birthday! So I want to says Thanks!

The Next one I did was using the HOTP kit I bought recently. There are so many great colours of paper & embellishments in this kit I honestly cant recommend it enough. I love the muted tones!

I have just set my box to record a double dose of craft making on QVC today as its Dawn Bibby doing some creative stamping! There are shows everyday this week. I must NOT buy anything else though......... well not yet anyway my credit card company will be on the phone!!!! Oh but I did buy some Laura Ashley stuff in the sale from Craftwork Cards in Leeds. I couldn't resist as it was all such a bargain. I went for the Traditional Range of papers & embellishments & ribbons to go with the stamps I got for my birthday, I will do something with them all soon as I am back from my weekend away! Well have a good rest of the week folks & Happy 4th July to anyone from the USA who reads this! I will see you when I am back next week! Now go make something crafty!!!!!

Bright Blessings!

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