15 Jan 2012

First Post of 2012

Well here we go first post of the new year. I hope everyone and my followers had a fine festive time & are all looking forward to a an exciting new crafty year full of new stash to buy & styles to try. One of my first crafty wants is to try to make my space here in my shared room a bit more functional! Its hard when you have to fit in a 8ft wide by 4ft deep space. I have been perusing the Ikea catalogue and think I have come up with a solution? Its just the cash to fund proposed revamp I have to get together now ;) maybe a clear out and a bit of e-baying is on the cards!

I would like to say "Hello & Welcome" to my new followers:-

As some of you know I am a bit of a Francophile and love all things French especially interiors! Go have a peek at her great creations!

This is one amazing craft room & wonderful inspiring crafty creations, a guy with fantastic vintage style and a wonderful flair for all things Craft!

I have made quite a few cards of late however I have light issues of late! The lack of it that is. I think I need to invest in a Light Box of some sorts (any advice would be most welcome on this subject :) I did manage to take this pic earlier today when the sun was out for a miniscule second!

I decided to buy the latest Dawn Bibby Flower Patch Collection. Its a very versatile and pretty selection of papers die cuts and cards. All printed & foiled on very nice heavy card stock & easy to coordinate. I like the nice cheery colours too. I have had quite a run on buying crafty goodies over the past few weeks, maybe time to pull the reigns in a bit! Next shop I have will most likely be at a craft show I want to go to at the Trafford Centre in February, get them penny's saved eh!

Well I have waffled on enough for now. Take care & keep well & warm everyone.


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Wow such detail

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