19 Sep 2011

A look around the Ville Vieux!

Thought I would show you a little of the beautiful Ville Vieux in the city of Nice. I make sure I always visit on Monday as they have a fantastic Antique market. This little dog has been a constant for the past few years. I christened him Mutley aka Wacky Races cartoon from the 70's, dont try to touch him though as he nips!

This was a cheeky pic of a glimpse in to an apartment that was being renovated! Couldn't resist when I saw the Chandelier's & I love the look of the shabby shutters, mmm where I have heard that before...? Hope they kept the light-fittings in?

Most of the buildings are painted various colours normally Yellows or Oranges but you do get the odd Pink one here and there. Its nice to walk in the shadows of the tall buildings to escape the heat of summer, it was about 90 that day!

I always look up wherever I am! Street lights are always so ornate in France. These massive hanging lights looked amazing lit up at night.

This last pic is a quintessential French post light, typical of France. There are lots here on the Cours Saleya where they hold the Monday Market. Its a great place to go and visit if your ever near Nice. There are lots and lots Cafe's & Bistros as well as wonderful shops to brows around. Be sure to take plenty of Euro's with you though, believe me you WILL get through them!

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Esther said...

Hi - haven't said hello for a while - been mad busy hope you're keeping well...gorgeous photos,love those shabby shutters! Esther xx

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