17 Aug 2011

Whats On Your Work Wednesday 115....This & That!

Hello Folks of desk snooping! Yes I do include myself too...not a whole lot going on here today on my desk. However I have just finished making this Banner for my Crafty Unit. I used my Slice electronic die cutter to cut everything out using the "Vintage Findings" MS+ card. I distressed around the die cuts a bit & put some faux stitching around the edges & then I layered them up & tied them on this thick twine with ribbon. Dont know if I like the twine or not though? Maybe would look better using ribbon or something, dont know yet??

The two Bird cards are made from some free decoupage papers I received with a magazine quite a while ago, but I cat remember what mag they came from, sorry! When I finished them both I though they lacked a bit of something? so I ended up glittering them. The glitter I used on this Cuckoo is from Hunkydory & Papermainia. The sentiment is a cut up Craftwork cards one & the cardstock is Textura Bling.

For this Starling I used Martha Stewart Glitters, think I used about 4 different ones? I have to say they are the most shiny & sparkly glitters I have used up to now. Think they both ended up looking a bit better in the end!

Finally a quick pic of the garden from my bedroom window looking very summery & flowery! Dont think its from all the sun, but think its mainly from all the Rain we have had! Haven't had much chance to sit out at all this year, shame really but hey ho its England for you!
Just want to say "Thank you" to Di over at Pixes Craft Workshop for the Pro-Market Nibs I won in her Candy givaway. They are brill & work a treat. I love them for adding the faux stitching look. Finally I have added my link to Twitter if anyone wants to follow me on there. Its a good place to post the odd pic here & there and keep up with some crafty mates! Have a great week everyone & thanks for all the comments you leave me & the new followers too!


Lunch Lady Jan said...

I think your banner is beautiful and I like the twine :) Your bird cards are lovely, starlings have lovely irridescent feathers and your card mirrors that. You have a beautiful garden, looks like a secret hideaway !! xx

Hazel said...

Lovely crafting projects - thanks for sharing - Hazel WOYWW #65 x

Gita said...

Those are some beautiful bird cards. The glitter just makes them pop. And what a lovely view from your bedroom window!!!

Helen said...

Great cards and love the view of your garden - very lush!

Tammy said...

Great banner the colours look fab, Thanks for sharing

okienurse said...

great looking picture of your garden from your window! I love how green it is there cause it is burnt brown here because of all the heat! Nice looking cards. I love glitter. Have a great week. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

Anonymous said...

That's an absolutely beautiful garden Lavinia, really pretty and English. Love the cards too, the glitter really sets off those bird decoupage ones.

Brenda 80

Tertia said...

Lovr those bird cards and I agree, everything looks better once its glitterified!
Lovely view of your garden.
Happy belated WOYWW

Morti said...

Love the banner! Where are you going to hang it? i take it the Crafty Unit you're referring to is THE Crafty Unit?

Lovely cards you've done, btw!

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