1 Mar 2011

Blog Award!

I want to say a BIG Thank you to Morti over at
Mad Ramblings Blog for this nomination!

She said some lovely things about my Work & Blog & I am very grateful to her! She also has an excellent blog herself & her cards are fantastically creative & unique. She comes up with some very inspiring ideas. It wonderful to think that she thought of me! She mentioned that "I have Peel Off's and I am not afraid to uses them" and she's right! I do LOVE finishing a project with them. I feel they sometimes can make a card. I know there is a bit of a stigma amongst some Crafter's using them! Why I don't know? Perhaps because they see them as a bit shiny and amateurish looking, but y'know what....... I like shiny! Go one, if your reading this go and make something & get them Peel Off's used!

Part of the Liebster Blog award entails nominating 3-5 other Blogs that are newish and deserves recognition. So here are my choice's and why............

http://butlersabroad.wordpress.com/ This Lady makes great cards! Very Talented & a very good Blog too! She always does the stamps justice & makes some beautiful cards!
http://wherecanibuytime.blogspot.com/ Andrea is a very keen crafter but "Were Can she find time" .....when she does I tell you she makes fine time of it! And does some really lovely work.

http://www.ribenaroom.com/ Ciara has a FAB Craft room that we would all love! And her talent as a card maker is second to none! Go visit this Craft space for a wealth of talent & craft room storage ideas too!

http://www.moonfiredesignsblog.com/ Rachel does some great tutorials & explains well her crafty creations! A lover of the Alterable, she does so well! Theres lessons for us all here!

http://okienurse.blogspot.com/ I love Vickie's work! She always does a brilliant job of making her creations & she's a great teacher too! Go look at some of her posts to get doing something different! She will inspire you to try "That something different"

I am a follower to all these blogs & they have all in there own way merited this award. Go and give them a look & you will know what I mean!

It looks like I have now cracked the PC problems & the Blogger problems too! So I will be catching up on all the goings on & WOYWW desks too! I can post pic's and links now, as you can see! And will be back to my postings! Hope you all well! And a BIG THANKS AGAIN MORTI!



Di said...

Hi Lavinia

I totally agree about peel offs. They have their uses and often come to my rescue! Strange that some folk have gotten a bit 'sniffy' about them :( Di x


Hello, awwww that's sooo nice of you! Thankyou for your kind words! And about peel offs - I don't use them often but must confess to having a stash because as you say - they can finish a card off prerfectly. There are loads of great designs to choose from out there.
Take care
Rach xxx

Morti said...

Yay! WTG Lavinia. You are most welcome!

I think the reason people look down their noses at Peeloffs is that they lump them all together. There are some pretty dire ones out there, and when people get affected by "sticker-sneeze" and plaster their work with them, it can look pretty awful. However, the right peeloffs, used in the right way, can just "make" a project, and you're one of those folks who prove it. They're no different to using Card Candy instead of brads, yet Card Candy has been hailed as innovative...go figure!

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