20 Oct 2010

WOYWW 72....Erm how big is this.....ATG Tape Gun

Well....what can I say! First of all a big "Sorry" to Julia dunnit! I have teased you about your big, nay massive ATG Tape gun! I have scoffed & pointed and giggled, many a time at pictures of it! However I have seen your wisdom , your right, I eat my words! It's a great Gadget! Cant belive I have coped for so long without it! I am learning to love my ATG!! :))
So busy with festive cards! I do love making them & seem to start earlier every year! This year I got some lovely Festive "My Mind's Eye" fancy card blanks in the sale at the Range 50 for a £5 bargain! I also used some nice Vintage & Victorian embelishments a well as some Red & White and Blue & white twine I found in a French Antique Shop.
I am having a crafty problem & it's really bugging me now? Can anyone help me out & tell me the best way to attatch Organza Ribbon Bow's? I love using them, but the they very rarely stick to my cards! I have used, PVA, Double sided tape, Pin Flair Glue & Hi Tack.....I know I know, whats going on, they should be sticking! Any ideas would be appriciated!
I hope your all doing well & getting time to Craft yourselves. With dark nights drawing in it's nice to be able to withdaraw to my crafty space & get making!


Anonymous said...

I love the tape gun too and it took me forever to give in, but now that I'm used to it, love it. And it lasts so much longer than those little ones.

For your organza ribbon or anything almost, attach with Glue Dots, they hold everything.


Sue said...

Hi ya Lavinia
lovely creative desk, i see a few of the girls have that big hun, least you can't lose it, lol,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (13)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm really enjoying seeing how many people have bought an ATG now that Mrs Dunnit has blessed hers. Now I'm giggling over your giggles!

I am not familiar with Pin Flair or Hi Tack glue, but may I suggest glue dots? I have found they have very aggressive adhesive, are not "wet" glues, and you can buy them in various sizes, depending on your ribbon width. Some are also thick enough they add height and dimension to the bows/ribbons. Happy WOYWW from #12.

Wipso said...

I use sticky dots to stick embellishments to the front of my cards. They come in many sizes so it's easy to choose the right size for what you're using.
A x

Christine said...

The ATG gun does look huge, I am so tempted to get one myself though, keep hearing good reports. I shop at Range too but yet to find a bargain like yours :-) Christine #14

akilli melek said...

the only thing i have found for organza bows is glue dots. stick to the back of the knot but make sure you place it exactly. they are not really repositionable. caroline #36

peggy aplSEEDS said...

your desk is looking nice and busy with so many projects in the making. it must be the inspiration form the new ATG tape gun!

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